English Letter

Proper Etiquette for Greeting Someone Else’s Dog

Dear Matthew,Observing proper pet etiquette is becoming increasingly important as more people adopt dogs as pets. But I don’t know much about pet etiquette other than rules like using a leash, main..

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World News

Ecuador Passes World’s First Oil Ban, an Example for Other Countries

Ecuadorian referendums have made a historic win for environmentalists and Indigenous communities as they voted to ban oil drilling in a portion of the Amazon and mining in the Choco Andino forest ne..

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The History of the Bed

Our beds provide comfort – a cozy place to sleep, read, or lie around. They have been around for a surprisingly long time, changing very little in either shape or function.In ancient Egypt, wealthy..

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National News

High School Senior Battling Cancer Enters Seoul National University

On Aug. 28, Lee Hyeon-woo, a Seoul National University entrant, received the Excellence Award at the “EBS Dream Scholarship Student Awards” held at the EBS headquarters. The award recognizes Lee..

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Life Tips

Creating a Respectful Online World

Online interactions have become integral to our daily lives as the world grows more interconnected. As such, you must be careful when engaging with others online. The following tips will help ensure..

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