English Letters

To Maria / To Nick

From NickTo MariaSubject: How To Become Open To Trying New FoodsDear Maria,Hey Maria! I wanted to thank you for your last email. I knew I wanted to help people, but I wasn’t sure who I wanted to he..

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World News

Iranian Man Who Lived in Paris Airport for 18 Years Dies

An Iranian man who lived in Paris’ main airport for 18 years has died. He died from a heart attack.While much of Mehran Karimi Nasseri’s background remains unclear, Nasseri is believed to have been..

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History of the Manicure

Manicures may be common, but they present a world of never-ending possibilities – from a simple nail polish to elaborate acrylic nails. But what are its origins?Manicures have been linked to many d..

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National News

Miners Survive Nine Days Underground on Coffee Mix

Two miners have been rescued after spending nine days trapped in a mine. The men were aged 62 and 56 and worked in a zinc mine in Bonghwa, in the eastern part of the country.Their ordeal began when ..

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Life Tips

Why You Should Get the Flu Vaccine

As winter approaches, many people around you might be getting a flu shot. But some people may not want to get the vaccine. They may say that getting vaccinated hurts, or that it isn’t good for thei..

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