The Rise of Secondhand Clothing

The past few years have been difficult, to put it mildly, with the pandemic and high inflation. However, people will always want to look fashionable. In recent years, secondhand retail has skyrocketed..

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Ancient Roman Snacks Found at Colosseum

An archaeological dig at the Colosseum unearthed many seeds, stones, and pits from foods such as figs, grapes, cherries, blackberries, and walnuts. They are traces of what the audience members of the ..

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Can the World Cup Be a Catalyst for Qatar’s Economic and Political Transformation?

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar this year is the first time that the tournament has been hosted in the Middle East. As the largest high-profile sporting event to take place in Qatar, it is also a tremendo..

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Elon Musk Issues Ultimatum After Taking Over Twitter

After months of speculation, Elon Musk finally completed his $44 billion (W57.9 trillion) takeover of Twitter. This was promptly followed by an announcement that Musk would be letting go of half of Tw..

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How Has the War in Ukraine Affected Gas Prices?

After battling the COVID-19 pandemic for the last three years, the world is now dealing with high inflation and an energy crisis. The prices of various goods and services have risen rapidly in the las..

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